Formed in the summer of 2004, The McCools’ are: two LOUDMOUTHS, one JACK SAINT, a pinch of the IDIOTS, one eyepatch, and four pairs of snakeskin boots.

Doobie - Guitar, Hoots-n-Hollars
BB - Bass, Spits -n-Snarlssss
Jaybird - Guitar, Grunts-n-Groans
Horndog - Sticks, Skins, Leers-n-Jeers

Influenced by Sssssnakeskin, beer, broken hearts, shitty jobs, beer, three chords, feedback, custom vans, switchblades, beer, basements, spending all day in bed, The Plasmatics, Saints, Pagans, RAMONES, Scientists, Gun Club, Vibrators, Dickies, Radio Birdman, Dead Boys, NY Dolls, The Fun Things. Banging out three chords with a chainsaw fury, these drunks have their shitkickers on and are ready to ROCK! Bomb diggity bomb!