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The loudmouths, fuck yeah, this is balls-out-fast-garagey-punk-rock with female vocals. Cross the vocals of the Creamers, a Betty Page look-alike, the sounds of the New Bomb Turks and you got the Loudmouths. Raunchy and raucous two chord punk rock is what the Loudmouths are all about - in the most obnoxious sense of the word. This is what punk rock is supposed to be about: loud, raw, power-packed, and snotty, and no questions asked....

The Loudmouths, interview by timmy radar

how did you meet each other?

BETH: We all met through the spirit of rock and roll, dive bars, and paper-bagging it in alleys during punk rock shows. We actually met Adam (our new guitarist, Jay ex-Loudmouth couldn't put up with us anymore and quit the band last fall) thanks to Greg Lowery who gave us Adam's phone number and told us Adam was moving to SF from Arizona. DULCINEA: We met across the street drinkin' 40's at a Girl Trouble show about 4-years ago. Yeah, and we picked up Adam, cos Jay would rather work instead of rock... I guess.

Do you think you might offend anyone with your music?

BETH: Hell I'm such a jaded old fuck, i don't know WHAT could be offensive anymore! Us? Offensive?? Hhahahahha. I have had a couple people get bummed at me cause i spit on them while i'm playing, but that's about it. DULCINEA: Yeah, we offended Pete's mom with the "ball gag chick" t-shirts. I guess she didn't want to sit through dinner staring at it, but she has come to see us play. I know for a fact my grandma would be horrified, does that count?

What did you think was your best show ever? BETH: Our best playing... or the best drunken time I've had playing terribly?? I had a blast in Lexington, Kentucky when we played this party (with the Long Gones, Hookers and Rock-n-Roll Terrorists) last year on tour. But I'll bet we sounded like a big drunken mess. I had a blast playing with the Ritalins and Motards at the Booze-A-Rama Brawl (same weekend as the Rip Off Rumble) a couple years ago. DULCINEA: Who remembers? Our last show with Jay where I hit him in the head with my guitar and drew blood (on accident of course) It looked cool. Great times have been with THE MOTARDS, DEAD MOON, CANDY SNATCHERS, NASHVILLE PUSSY, SUPERSNAZZ and lots of locals like THE CHEAP DATES, HARD KNOCKS, JACK SAINTS etc. I bet if you counted all the pints we've drinkin' before/ during or after a show we could probably have started our own brewery by know- scary.

What do you think was your worst show ever?

BETH: Like I said, maybe those two were the worst as well!! DULCINEA: Just because I wasn't having a good time, I'd say Green Bay and Chico. Technical disasters- there's too many to mention. Who do you think is the sexiest band in the whole world? Why? BETH: I think that the Hellacopters THINK they are, what's with that LP they have that folds out and there's that photo where they all have their shirts off? Yeah, yeah, so maybe it's MC5 influenced but it's still goofy-lookin' if you ask me. How come the Ramones never did a photo spread like that? I would've LOVED to see it. The absolute all time sexist band in the world ever were the Plasmatics. Because Wendy O. was the sexiest woman I've ever seen, she was tough and mean and hot as hell. And Richie Stotts wasn't too bad looking either back then! DULCINEA: Beth, I'm suprised your so unforgiving to Scandinavian pin-up boy's for the MC5 rip-off. MC5 were no pretty boys, either infact I remember as teenager and seein' the original photo and going. "eeewwww!" plus we did do a Flipper ripoff. Anyway, Sexy mutha fuckers are The DEAD Boys- especially Stiv, The CRAMPS, Demolition Doll Rods, New York Dolls, and to point out the obvious the Nashville Pussy girls.

BETH: Back to that Hellacopters thing, actually they have some HOT chests (especially that one pierced guy) but that's the problem, they look toooooo cool and it comes off as cheesy man, cheesy!!

If you could play anywhere, where would it be? Why?

BETH: I would love to rock out in Spain. I visited there about 7 years ago and have never seen a country with so many Ramones fans. I also really dig Berlin and would love to play there someday. DULCINEA: Europe and Japan, because we've done the states twice already, and I'd love to see something different.

What are your day jobs?

BETH: I'm a computer geek but am honing my roller skating skills for that big Roller Derby comeback. DULCINEA: I'm a professional Roller Derby Queen, who hustles on the side.

Name a band that you secretly love, but are to embarassed to say.

BETH: I DON'T ever get embarassed about my eclectic musical tastes. But my bandmates all seem pretty horrified that i love W.A.S.P. and scream at me if i try to play them when we're all in the van together. I may be heavily into old hardcore, garage and scum fuck shit, but I still love to listen to everything from Kyuss to Chixdiggit to polka music. DULCINEA: Yeah, we all freaked on the W.A.S.P. thing cos maybe there fun to see live with the whole metal shlock thing, but they suck -especially sober. Why listen to W.A.S.P. when there's Judas Priest? Anyway, I don't know about embarassed, but I was a new wave slut...I love Josie Cotton, and in my youth use to be a card carrying Ant person for Sex people (okay that's embarassing). The 1st Guns n' Roses record rules, and yeah so what I'm originally from L.A.

BETH: You dis me for W.A.S.P. then admit you like G'N'R???? Why listen to Guns and Roses when you can listen to RATT!! I love RATT, but man, Guns and Roses suck shit! DULCINEA: Hey, what can I say bad taste runs in our band.

What are your favorite movies?

BETH: My all time favorites would be Harold and Maude and Dawn of the Dead. Horror movies rule. DULCINEA: Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Rock n' Roll Highschool, Eating Raoul, Decline of Western Civilization P.1, Clueless, Ms. 45, Suburbia (Roger Corman) there's no way to get them all in....

Hobbies (like skating, drinking, or something)?

BETH: Seeing bands and drinking too much, I love to read and i watch a TON of movies (horror, cult, docmentaries). I write for fanzines (like Girlyhead for one) and always have projects going on... I'm working on a Roller Derby story for the next issue of Girlyhead right now, and interviewed Ann Calvello (raddest roller derby chick ever) yesterday, she's 68 years old and is going to skate in a derby here in SF next month! She used to dye her hair blue, green, pink, all these zany colors to match her outfits--and this was in the 60's. I want to start a zine about vans called "Don't Come A Knockin". I play ukulele in an electric uke duo called "Pineapple Princess" (named after the Annette Funicello song!) and did a uke zine for awhile ("Kiss My Pineapple"). DULCINEA: Drinking is not a hobbie it's a lifestyle. B-movies, skating, buying records, wearing leather, riding rollercoasters, collecting kitschy crap- Tijuana and Hawaiian, vintage pin-up girl shit, going to shows, writin' reviews for Maximum Rn'R, and hopefully this summer my list will include surfing!

Who are your idols, influences?

BETH: Wendy O. Williams ruled. May she rest in peace. I was really sad when i heard she died. A lot of people don't realize she was VERY politically active, she was very pc. She did a lot of un-Plasmatics type stuff, like teaching vegetarian cooking classes. I really dug her cause she did her own thing and always stood up for her beliefs. And was one bad ass singer, sledgehammer weilder and chainsaw swinger as well!! I had a lot of respect for Tim Yohannan (who died a few weeks ago of cancer). He really left a punk rock legacy, and helped start/create a lot of cool grassroots things (MaximumRnR Radio, the mag, helped start Gilman and the Epicenter). Others? Authors Jerzy Kosinski and Harry Crews, photographer Diane Arbus, Annie Sprinkle, Ivan Brunettii who does Schizo comic. I like people who can twist the dark side of life into something entertaining. DULCINEA: Idols suck. People who I respect or think have done some really great stuff: Joan Jett, Tura Satana, Jayne Mansfield, Anton Levay, Eric Kroll, Eric Stanton, Joe Colman, Bunny Yeager, Wendy O', Ivy Roscharch, Tim Yo, Iceberg Slim, Lydia Lunch, Girl School... BETH: Oh I totally argree on the "idols" crap, it's all about respect man. Kill your idols kids! Idolizing people is a waste of time, get influenced by cool people and do your own shit!

what is the current line up of the loudmouths?

BETH: I play bass, sing somtimes and guzzle as much beer as possible. Pete (the Ox) plays drums and Adam Can't (who is also in the Spites, who just moved to SF from Arizona) is our new guitar player. DULCINEA: Lead mouth, and ax and other things you need to say? BETH: Rock and roll all night and party every day!! Thanks for the interview. All you webheads can check out our web site at www.sfbg.com/loudmouths for all you've ever wanted to know and more about us Loudmouths! Or you can write us at 1538-B Fulton St. San Francisco, CA 94117. DULCINEA: Send us your Loudmouth art work for our next record, and we will send you our worn underwear.... BETH: But I don't wear underwear... guess you'll be gettin' Dulces' panties and some sweaty boy boxers from the guys!! DULCINEA: Yeah Beth what about those bloomers???

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